I wonder what Jesus would have made of the season of Advent.

In one of his contretemps with the Pharisees, when they were busy observing correctly religious practice, he defended his disciples picking ears of corn on the Sabbath. Simply, they were hungry, food was available, what’s the problem?

On another occasion John’s disciples asked why Jesus wasn’t fasting with his friends. You don’t mourn when you’re that wonderfully happy in the company of the Bridegroom, was his answer. Wait till he’s gone; then be sad. Jesus was feasting, not fasting.

We’re told in the Church to wait off the tinsel during Advent – to delay gratification, wait till the Christmas season really starts (25th December apparently, except all the shops will be closed by then).

Instead of succumbing to the seasonal excitement we must think about serious things like the second coming  and judgment – but it’s mighty hard during December. Look at all the fun things going up in our cities and towns.

I was in Bath yesterday and they have an enormous shiny bauble you can literally WALK INSIDE. It looks just like glass, like those gorgeous but breakable vintage style baubles we had as children on the tree. It made a great photo. In fact, that’s what everyone inside was doing – taking photos of themselves inside a HUGE, shiny Christmas bauble.

Not very Advent-y.

Observant Christians are in danger of striking the wrong chord, perhaps, with all our cries of wait, wait, no decorations yet, serious things, blah, blah, blah (preaching to myself here).

Advent is a wonderful season, of course, but lest it sail too close to a Scrooge like avoidance of anything that looks like innocent fun and enjoyment, I say get out and find an enormous CHRISTMAS BAUBLE you can actually WALK INSIDE. And take someone with you to take a photo of it, while you’re at it. Then put it on Facebook and Twitter to show how excited you are about all the child-like glittery celebration.

Jesus did say, after all, we should become like children.

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