Hello and welcome to part time priest.

I’m a Church of England minister living in Reading,  in the Diocese of Oxford, UK

Why part time priest?

I started the blog when I was ‘part time’ in a rural House for Duty role, juggling a Curacy in the Church of England with studying and bringing up teenagers.

Then the studying finally ended, the teenagers grew up and I took a ‘full time’ post, but couldn’t think of how to rename the blog without causing confusion. I found I was rather attached to the ‘brand’.

So it’s still part time priest. Even though I am now ‘full time’, which I hope it doesn’t offend anyone who thinks that priests never for one moment should lay down their identity.

I still juggle, just in different ways, like we all do.

The way of being and doing/contemplation and action are still very much the same.

Only now, for me, with more shops, greater density housing, other denominational colleagues, diverse skin colours, ethnic food smells and languages, other faiths, bigger schools, tall apartment blocks and emergency sirens.

And fewer trees, large gardens and historic cottages.

Thank you for passing this way.